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Joe from Texas is a family man with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who has had tremendous success and lived the American dream.  His beliefs are both straightforward and deeply held.  He believes in God, his family, and the United States of America.


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Joe Biden has disregard for human rights when it comes to cheaper oil from foreign countries

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There are many reasons that the U.S. should seek to maximize domestic production instead of relying on oil and gas from other countries. Among these reasons are the jobs they create, the benefit to our overall economy, and the boost to our national security. Another reason, one that is often overlooked, is the fact that some of the countries from which the U.S. buys oil have a questionable record on human rights.


Our National Debt: What would happen if congress failed to raise the debt ceiling?

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“How much money is needed to fund the essential functions of the federal government?” is a question that Joe From Texas has heard asked on numerous occasions. The answer is that no one really knows because the range of what constitutes essential functions generally varies from person to person. However, there are two things that a majority of Americans agree on - they don’t trust the federal government, and they believe it is too big.

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Foreign Drilling

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Whenever Joe Biden talks about coal, oil, and gas (fossil fuels), it is almost always negative. He has been crystal clear that he wants to be rid of these because he believes they are dirty and are causing the climate to warm. If you are paying more for gas now than you were two years ago, are having problems paying your heating bills this year, or have been the victim of rolling power outages in the early part of winter because electric power providers are short of natural gas to power their plants…then you can thank Joe Biden. Joe From Texas believes Biden’s hostile policies, more than any other factors, are the primary cause of these problems.

Black and White close-up of a coal fired power plant with heave smoke emissions and reflec

Bad Green Deal: Hallsville Power Plant Closing

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In short, because of Biden’s reckless policies, rolling blackouts in many parts of the country could be an increasing threat for years to come unless the administration and congress wake up and bring some sanity to this transition to renewables. They can accomplish this by placing a hold on regulations that are causing many power plants to shut down, at least until other reliable sources of power generation to replace them are actually up and running.