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How did you vote on America’s Top Issues? The Results!

If you have been following his website, you may have seen that Joe From Texas recently posted the results of a survey done on presidential preferences for the 2024 election. In addition to that survey, he also conducted an informal poll to learn what the website’s subscribers think about some of today’s top issues. The results of the poll were:

When Joe From Texas and his team developed the survey list, they believed that given the negative nature of most of the items on the list, the great majority of responses would be against. Although that assumption proved to be true, they were surprised that the answers against were not higher for some of the responses.

For example, Joe From Texas finds it hard to believe that over a quarter of the respondents truly want open borders. If this theory is true though, then he believes the only possible explanation is that they are buying into the mainstream media argument that open borders are humane, rather than the truth that open borders are not sustainable over a long period of time. Open borders come with many costs. One example of those costs can be found in the unprecedented amounts of illegal drugs that are coming in through our border. These drugs are killing people in record numbers. As Joe From Texas has stated in other areas of his website, the majority of the drugs that are leading to record drug-related deaths are coming across our southern border. There can be no doubt that securing the border will save lives.

Two other areas that were real head scratchers were the topics of more illegal drugs and more crime. The response percentages on these were identical - 16% stated they want more of these. Really? Joe and his team could only come up with two possible explanations for these answers. Either those who responded that they want more crime and drugs provided less than serious answers for shock value or

they are drug dealing criminals who like the permissive crime policies being pushed by Democrats. It is rather difficult to believe that anyone who does not fall into one of those categories would have answered as they did.

The good and bad news is that although there is no universal agreement that these topics are problems we should all be seeking to see resolved, at least 3 out of 4 people do understand that there is a need for these problems to be dealt with.

Any politician worth his or her salt would tell you that when you get 3 out of 4 people to agree on something, that is an issue on which you should be focused. Let’s hope the same holds true for these issues.

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